Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ah, My Muse, Why Art Thou So Silent?

Well not really, I can hear murmurings but I want loud, shouts of HEY...WRITE THIS! Or..HEY, WRITE THAT!

Life is better, but not without a few more changes that still need to be made. I'm in a better place then I was from a year ago, even since my last post. I started the year off with great intentions of writing. Even had a few twinkles of ideas, but can't seem to get it down on paper.

But I think I know part of the reason. It's the same culprit that caused my Muse to go silent. It's name is cancer. I have a person that I am close to fighting it right now, another person I've grown close to has some skin cancer and now is facing tests to rule out bladder or kidney cancer. A fellow blogger's dad is battling it and another friend's mom is not doing so good right now and was admitted to the hospital last night.

When this f*cker starts hitting this close to home, it takes me right back to November 2006. Back to when I found out that it invaded my Grandma's body with a vengeance. I was told 3 months, I got a week. I felt robbed, cheated of just a little more time with her. I had no time to prepare my children, or to let it sink in myself.

How do I break out of that? I just want to write again.