Thursday, July 1, 2010

Call Me Crazy, But I'll Try Anything! I just heard about JulNoWriMO. I know, I is that? Well, If you've heard of NaNoWriMo, you'll understand.

Basically it's write 50,000 words approximately 175 pages in the month of July. Similar to the NaNo held in November. Seems like there's almost one for every month of the year. Maybe I did know about this one and forgot? I dunno. But thanks to Julie, I now know about it (again?).

I'm desperate to try anything to kick start my Muse. I feel her stirring sometimes, like she's been cast into a long deep sleep and she's struggling to wake up. But every time I start to think about writing...anything...I go blank. I mean it's like any thought, even a minor twinkle of a scene...if I even try to start to write...POOF! it's gone.

I truly think part of it is linked to the loss of my grandma 3 and 1/2 years ago. She took ill in the middle of NaNo. I was doing okay with it writing everyday. Then she got sick and went into the hospital...everything else went on hold. She came home a week later, and died with in the week. Cancer is a cruel heartless bitch, let me tell ya. But since then...I've not been able to write.

My mind used to be flooding with scenes and plot ideas, so many I couldn't write them all down. Now...all I see is a blank wall...or a dark pit...I see nothing, I can't hear my's too quiet and I miss her.

But I've got to try something...anything. And even IF I don't hit 50,000 words, which I don't expect to. And that's okay, I just want to be able to get something started or pick up my WiP. SOMETHING! ANYTHING!!!! Even a few thousand words would be a success at this point.

So call my crazy...but I've got to try something.


Nicole MacDonald said...

Find some music that inspires you and just spend some time 'daydreaming' about your story before fretting over word counts :) It'll come to you

Ellie said...

I've actually been trying to put together a bunch of songs that I think tend to stir up my Muse.