Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Writing's always been a passion. When I was in my teens I wrote a lot of poetry, all of which was lost unfortunately.

Nowadays, my writing is story based. Though, Muse seems to have taken an extended vacation. She sends me the occasional postcard but it's not enough. I want to lure her back somehow. I want, need to get back to writing even if it's just for myself.

I thought this might be a good place to track my progress or lack there of, which ever the case may be. My passion to write is in the fantasy realm, with dragons, elves, faeries, gnomes, witches and wizards...castles and the like.

Her latest postcard to me was of a man named Declan. He's a Highlander. Hiding amongst the common folk, trying to escape his life as a Duke or Earl or some big shot (don't have that detail yet)...possibly a king even. But he's forced to reveal or reclaim his lands when they begin to fall into ruin and war. He has few friends that stand by his side...Elves and faerie folk of course.